1. What is Trial Version?
    This version allows users to experience 3D TADA Modeling Program for free
    and try every function about Cube Mode of official (permanent) version for 30days.
    Please be noted that Trial Version is only available when you’re connected with the internet.
  1. How a Minecraft creative work could be brought up on 3D TADA program?
    Easy way to use Minecraft on 3D TADA is as follows;
    (1) It allows easy 3D printing for any creative work designed in Minecraft.
    (2) It allows dividing Minecraft creative work easily so that it could be printed out in part because 3D printer’s maximum output size is small. (Divided images can be variously edited by using 3D TADA program menu.)
    (3) Size of output can be adjusted by resizing the cube dimension.
    (4) While other programs are limited for importing STL file size and can’t bring color information, 3D TADA program can import even massive file and also color information also. Please follow below steps!
  2. How we register the product?
    Please follow below procedure to register 3D TADA program provided or purchased via other channel than 3D TADA homepage with its membership account.
    (1) Login homepage and click “Product Registration” menu on top of the page.
    (2) Input provided 3D TADA program’s vendor’s ID and License Key (Serial Number).
    (3) Click “Registering” button.
    (4) When the registration finished, you can find it out in purchase list of my page.
  1. In case of changing PC, how can we keep on usage the purchased program?
    Please follow below procedure.
    (1) Please execute 3D TADA program.
    (2) “3D TADA Information” window will be appeared when you click “Information” in “Help” menu.
    (3) Please memo the License Key (Serial Number) shown up on “3D TADA Information” window on the screen and click “PC alteration”.
    (4) Please install 3D TADA program on your new PC by using the License Key you took memo.
    – You can download install file from purchase list.
    – You can check about the License Key on the purchase list.
    (5) Once the installation of the program on new PC has been finished, the old 3D TADA program in prior PC won’t be available for use.
  1. Program is not running because of missing of dll file when it executed after installation.
    Please follow below procedure when the program doesn’t run because of missing of “api-ms-win-crt-runtime-1-1-0.dll” or “MSVCP140.dll” or other dll files, etc.
    (1) Please install “vc_redist_x86.exe” file in this route(“C:\Program Files(x86)\3D TADA\3D TADA-KOR\vc_ redist\VS2015”).
    (2) Please run 3D TADA program.
    (3) Reinstall “vc_redist_x86.exe” file in this route (“C:\Program Files(x86)\3D TADA\3D TADA-KOR\vc_ redist\VS2013”)when you find out dll error again.
    (4) Please run 3D TADA program.
  1. What should we do when the program just has been shut down with an error message in the while using it?
    Please contact us by sending email in “Service Center” > “Inquiry”.
    If you additionally perform below, it’ll be much more helpful for us to find out the reason.
    – If you input “dxdiag” and run in command window or prompt (cmd.exe) you’ll see the diagnostic tool Direct X. Please capture the Direct X window and attach it in your inquiry email to us.
  1. How can we print it out 3D?
    After modeling with 3D TADA program, please choose “exporting to STL file” in save menu. Then, it will be saved as “STL file” format for 3D printer.
    You can do 3D print with this gcode file which has been transformed through 3D printer’s slicing software by using this “STL file”. (Please be noted that slicing software shall be provided by the 3D printer’s manufacturer.)